From breakfast until late at night Déryné buzzes with people coming for business meetings over steak and red wine, long lunches, and leisurely romantic dinners with cocktails. From eggs Benedict at breakfast and burgers for lunch, to steak frites for dinner and late-night drinks at the bar, Déryné has become a favorite spot on the Buda side. In its previous life, the space was used Buda's grandest café (owned by the Auguszt family), complete with an orchestra for afternoon tea. The old-time elegance remains in its handful of dining rooms, each with their own personality. In one there is a partially open kitchen. Another is dedicated to cinema, and lined with old movie posters. In the wine-cellar-like basement there's a private room lined with bottles. The antique white tile and brass fittings are also reminders of the history of the space. The menu is brief, and is French bistro-style, with the addition of a few Hungarian dishes, such as gulyás soup, sztrapacska (potato dumplings with cottage cheese), and beef paprikás with egg noodles. Other choices include moules frites (mussels and fries), burgers, chicken Caesar salad, and a daily special. Déryné's kitchen also produces wonderful bread and pastries, which are sold at a sidewalk kiosk. Bear in mind that the biggest downside to eating here is the service, which can range from slow to indifferent.