Kazinczy utca, one of the liveliest streets in the Jewish Quarter, has become a magnet for tiny restaurants and ruin bars—divey spots located in crumbling buildings and decorated with a wild mix of random secondhand furnishings. One of the street's highlights is the tiny Bors ("pepper") Gasztrobár, a cash-only takeout that almost always has a long line going out the door. Run by two chefs with a proper restaurant background, Bors seemed like an experiment when it opened. The menu, which consists of mainly soups, sandwiches, and pasta, is scrawled on boards on the walls, and changes frequently. There are, however, some signature sandwiches, such as the French Lady (chicken breast, Edam cheese, and red onion marmalade) and Thai Massage (chicken and green curry). The menu is a combination of Hungarian flavors and exotic ones, and even the most adventurous eaters will find something to challenge them here. The "Brain Dead" sandwich, for instance, consists of pork brains and jalapeños. Although there are some Hungarian soups-with-a-twist available, it's the surprise of finding a new, complex, and intensely flavored soup—like one made with French mustard, ginger, pork, and green apple—that keeps the lines long and the regulars coming back. When people speak of the Budapest's culinary revolution, Bors is one of the players.