Many cafés like to brand themselves as being Paris-like, but in Gerlóczy's case it's true. From the café chairs and small tables on the sidewalk patio to the fresh oysters on the menu, this charming café on a quiet square is so reminiscent of Parisian dining that you might do a double take if you stumble across by chance. There are lots of antique brass fittings, an open kitchen, and soft lighting (which makes this a great choice for a romantic meal). On the building's upper levels there is a small hotel with 19 rooms, and so the café is open for breakfast, for anyone who's hungry, as well as its own hotel guests. Naturally, there are croissants, as well as various egg dishes, pâté, and muesli. Like most other restaurants in Budapest, Gerloóczy offers a discounted three-course lunch menu (1,950 HUF). The dishes here change seasonally, but is a mix of international and French dishes, with a few Hungarian ones. The pappardelle with foie gras and chanterelles is wonderful, and the Wiener schnitzel with mashed potatoes is a classic that always satisfies. On Fridays the chef creates a special menu revolving around an array of fresh fish and seafood. The brightly colored macarons might be tempting for dessert, but if the csöröge fánk (twisted doughnuts) with chocolate are available, then don't pass them by. On Tuesday and Saturday there's live harp music.