Located in the old Jewish quarter in the seventh district, Macesz Huszár ("Matzo Hussar") is one of a number of places in the neighborhood where you can sample the varied and elegant dishes of Hungarian-Jewish cuisine. The decor is "modern meets grandma's kitchen"—a  few antiques are scattered around, and the tables covered with old mismatched lace are meant to make guests feel as if they were walking into a Jewish mother's home. Appetizers include Jewish eggs (chopped hard-boiled eggs with liver) and a wonderfully tender stuffed goose neck served with barley risotto. The matzo ball soup is served in a little red cooking pot, and the goose burger has become one of the signature dishes. Sólet (cholent), traditionally a Sabbath dish, and still only available on Saturdays at many restaurants, is a hearty, slowly baked bean stew with smoked brisket and goose leg: it's available every day here. A slice of flódni —a classic Jewish sweet made with layers of poppy seeds, walnuts, and apples—is the best way to end a meal here. The restaurant is owned by the same owner as the nearby Doblo Wine Bar, so there's a nice selection of local wine, with around three dozen wines available by the glass.