There's quite a lot of nostalgia for the past in Budapest, at least judging by way its restaurants and bars are decorated. Done wrong, this retro style looks just plain tired, but Menza (which means canteen) has got it right. Done in shades of brown, orange, and pale green, the interior has lots of layers of design here, including a variety of loud wallpaper in different areas, and just the right amount of wood paneling. The kitchen aims to serve the kind of food that Hungarians grew up eating in school and office canteens (with better ingredients and updated twists, naturally). All of the classic Hungarian dishes are covered, including gulyás soup (goulash) and beef pörkölt (stew) with nokedli (spaetzle), as well as mákos guba (poppyseed bread pudding) and apple strudel for dessert. There's also garlic cream soup, which is served with a perfectly sized mini lángos (flatbread) topped with sour cream and grated cheese, and burgers and pasta if you want to stray from Hungarian cuisine. The restaurant is located  on the bustling café hub of Liszt Ferenc tér (square); make reservations in advance if you can, as the place is popular, especially during the warmer months, when the large patio on the square is open (a perfect place to accompany your gulyás with some people watching).