If you have a sense of adventure and you are not in a rush, Olimpia is a fine choice. (Otherwise, you'd be wise to go elsewhere.) First, don't let the Greek-style décor worry you. You're not at the wrong restaurant, Olimpia just kept the decorations (and possibly the name) from the place that was here before. Second, you should know that it's cash-only here, and there's no menu to choose from. Rather, there is a blackboard in the dining room with a daily list of fresh ingredients. The only decision you will need to make is whether you want four or seven courses: your meal will use some combination of these ingredients. Back to the sense of adventure: the chef, Lajos Takács, is one of Hungary's most renowned, so dining at his whim is a fantastic indulgence. That said, occasionally a dish doesn't really work out, which you could look at as part of the adventure. There is a wine list, but ordering appropriate wines can be a challenge without knowing what your meal will be, so you may want to defer to the waiter for help. The headwaiter, Csaba Csongrádi, is also one of the owners, and he carefully (sometimes authoritatively) watches over his territory in the dining room. Olimpia is in an out-of-center neighborhood in the seventh district, so making reservations is wise, as there are no other nearby dining options. A meal at Olimpia may be one of the highlights of your Budapest dining experiences, but you have to embrace the uncertainty.