In Hungarian és means "and," and that's important to know in order to understand this restaurant's theme. The idea here is that pretty much that anything is possible. It's not just a restaurant, but a wine bar and a beer pub. The menu focuses on dishes from both Austria and Hungary (which have so much in common), such as goulash, Wiener schnitzel, and tafelspitz (beef consommé with semolina dumplings, which can also be had in three courses—the soup, followed by the bone marrow, and then the boiled beef). In addition to the classics, there is also a fantastic selection of grilled dishes, like burgers, fish, and superb dry-aged steaks from Austria. Or (rather, és), you can skip the proper meals and choose from the large selection of Hungarian and Austrian starters (such as charcuterie, local cheeses, beef tartare, and goose-liver paté). If you are with a group of eight, you might want to consider the whole suckling pig meal. Desserts include classics like Somlói galuska (an elaborate trifle) and plum dumplings. The Rigo Jancsi might be the most spectacular: it's a modern take on the classic Hungarian chocolate-cake concoction, named for a Gypsy violinist who ran away with a princess. There's a great selection of Hungarian and Austrian wines, which are organized by wine style, and several local craft beers are on offer.