The Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, better known as AMIA, is located in Once in the heart of Buenos Aires's historical Jewish district. The organization is most famous for a very sad part of its history -- the still unsolved bombing on July 18, 1994, which left 85 people dead and was the largest attack on Jews since World War II. A new structure was created over the ruins, set from the street and protected by a wall that is covered by the names of those who died in the tragedy. AMIA remains an important center for the Jewish community, with education, employment, and cultural and arts programming as well as programs for children and an online TV program featuring Jewish-Argentine journalist Diego Melamed. It is possible to visit AMIA on your own or by visiting with Jewish tour guides and groups. One of the most striking elements in the inner courtyard is the Monument to the Memory of the Victims of the Terrorist Attack on AMIA by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam, which is a Star of David dynamically designed to change patterns as visitors move around it. AMIA has also helped visitors locate Jewish relatives who have immigrated to Argentina.