The Botanical Gardens are a true delight, with a myriad of tree-lined walkways. A central greenhouse is often the location of rotating art shows, with young artists standing and sweating next to their artwork. Plants from all over the world are here, including many from Argentina and other parts of South America. They're labeled with their local and Latin names, making for a fun lesson for kids as you walk along. Not all the paths are well maintained, however, so watch your step. If you're here as a couple without kids, the gardens are also a romantic spot. Bring a picnic basket and share some quality time, as you'll see many locals doing.

Like the Recoleta Cemetery, this is another cat lover's dream, and you'll find plenty of women from the neighborhood coming to take care of these strays. The cats are also more playful and friendly here, and like to come up to visitors to be petted. Sit on a bench, and you'll very likely find one cuddling up next to you.