This imposing building takes up an entire block. It was once the headquarters for the Eva Perón Foundation, a foundation Evita established to distribute funds to needy children and families, as well as, some say, to siphon funds for personal use. Today there is little to mark the former use of the building, miraculously saved by the subsequent military regime, which felt it was too important and expensive a building to allow to be demolished as had been the case with other sites associated with Evita. Only a tiny plaque, affixed to a lobby column in 2002, explains the relationship. Nevertheless, this is a grand 1940s classical building, reserved in style, with simple Doric columns fronting Paseo Colón. The floors and walls throughout are decorated with sumptuous multicolored marble. As an engineering school, it is brimming with students but still maintains a hushed atmosphere of quiet academic pursuits. The dean's office was once Evita's own. It's a public building and anyone can enter it, but the school offers no information or tours based on its former use and discourages random wanderers.