On March 17, 1992, a bomb ripped through the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, located on a peaceful and seemingly out-of-the-way corner of Recoleta at the intersection of calles Suipacha and Arroyo. Twenty-nine people lost their lives in the tragedy, and -- as with the 1994 attack on the Jewish community group, the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, which killed 85 people -- the culprits are still unknown, but they are suspected to have been working with overseas groups. Under former President Néstor Kirschner, investigations related to the bombings were reopened. The site is now a very tranquil place for contemplation, converted into a park graced by 22 trees and seven benches to represent the people who died in the embassy bombing. The outline of the once-elegant building remains on the adjacent structure, like a ghost speaking for the dead. This open-air memorial is the only major Jewish memorial and historical site open to the public not requiring an appointment or identification to visit.