This is among the most authentic of all of the milongas. At the end of a long hallway, spectators crowd around the main dance floor to watch couples make their way around it. Salón Canning is known for its smooth, high-quality wooden parquet floor, considered one of the best for dancing in all of Buenos Aires. This tango hall is among the few things left in Buenos Aires that still bear the name of George Canning -- a British diplomat who opened relations between Argentina and Great Britain after independence from Spain. Many events are run by the group ParaKultural ( and you may hear locals referring to Salón Canning with this name. Some nights incorporate a mix of tango dancing and special guest dancers who are often old tango stars, along with live orchestras. It is a place that should not be missed. Friday is one of the best nights to come here, as it's packed with young, fashionable tango enthusiasts, many of whom reside in Palermo. Saturday is more traditional.