One of the finest opera houses in the world, the Teatro Colón originally opened in 1908. It took twenty years, and materials brought in from around the globe (like Italian marble and French stained glass), to complete the French, Italian, and German-influenced design—an eclectic mix of influences that was fashionable in early 20th-century Buenos Aires. It underwent a massive renovation that wrapped up in 2010. The Teatro Colón has welcomed some of the classical music world's biggest names to its horseshoe-shaped auditorium that houses nearly 2,500 fans and the acoustics make it among the top five performance venues in the world, according to none other than Luciano Pavarotti. A rotating calendar includes ballet, contemporary opera, traditional opera, and visiting musicians and performers from around the world. There are no shows during the summer months of January and February. Interesting tours in English are held daily on the hour from 11am to 2pm, year-round.