Women travelers will find that Argentine men are extremely flirtatious, and leers and indiscreet remarks are common. While any looks and calls you might get are rarely more than that, drunken men in clubs may occasionally get physical. Women should be cautious when walking alone at night and should take a remis or radio-taxi after dark. In the rare and unlikely event of an assault or sexual attack, contact the police immediately. The special 24-hour number for sexual and family violence is tel. 137. The city of Buenos Aires also maintains a 24-hour police emergency center for victims of sexual violence at Pasaje Angel Peluffo 3981 at Lezica in the Almagro neighborhood (tel. 11/4958-4291 or 11/4981-6882). The women's group Centro de Estudios Cultura y Mujer (CECYM), Guatemala 4294 (tel. 11/4865-9102; www.cecym.org.ar), recommends Hospital Pirovano in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood, Monroe 3555 between Roque Perez and Milian (tel. 11/4542-5552 or 11/4542-2772; www.talleresdelpirovano.com.ar) and its EVAS program for women who have experienced sexual assault. Visit the website of the Eva Giberti Foundation (www.evagiberti.com) or www.ecapsocial.com.ar for more resources, and www.buenosaires.ihollaback.org for specific information on street harassment. In addition, check out the award-winning website www.journeywoman.com, a "real life" women's travel information network; the travel guide Safety and Security for Women Who Travel (Travelers' Tales, Inc.), by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer; and the website www.gutsytraveler.com, with links to articles for independent women.

Single women, or women whose partners refuse to dance, who want to take advantage of the tango scene should refer to our section on "Tango Tours," many of which can provide a tango dancer to accompany you. The tango scene in general, with its strict rules, combining both chauvinism and chivalry, is a safe option for single women to try their hand at dancing. Nothing more than a dance is expected of a woman who accepts an invitation on the dance floor. In spite of tango's brothel roots, misbehavior among men is frowned upon in tango settings today.

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