Initially built in 1376 (during the Goryeo Dynasty), the main sanctuary was reconstructed in 1970. This is one of the few temples found along the coast and it honors the Haesu Gwaneum Daebul (Seawater Great Goddess Buddha of Mercy), who is said to live alone in the ocean and to ride on the back of a dragon. Since the temple faces northeast, it offers a spectacular view of the sunrise -- many come early on the Lunar New Year to make a wish as the sun rises -- and an enormous bronze bell is rung five times at sunset. Special features of the temple include the three-story pagoda with its four lions (symbolizing joy, anger, sadness, and happiness), the Yacksayeorae Healing Buddha (a stone statue of Buddha wearing a traditional Korean hat), and the Bulbeop Buddhist Sanctum (which is enclosed in a cave). April and May are wonderful times to visit, as the cherry trees are blooming and the lanterns are lit for Buddha's Birthday.