Claiming to be the largest hot spring spa in Asia, Heosimcheong has multiple levels for your relaxing entertainment. The first-floor entry has a garish water fountain, some shops, and a bakery, but the fun starts when you head upstairs. One floor is just jjimjilbang (hot saunas), igloo-shaped structures made out of clay where you can steam yourself alive. This floor also has a snack shop and restaurant. On the other floor is the "grand hot springs," a huge atrium full of pools and waterfalls of varying temperatures, ranging from boiling hot to icy cold. Don't be shy about walking around naked in front of same-sex strangers. Koreans have been doing it since they were kids and you'll get used to it. You can also get scrubbed -- an attendant will "scrub" you with a scratchy towel that feels like sandpaper, exfoliating away dead skin and giving you a simultaneous massage. Koreans seem to love it, but it's not for those with sensitive skin. The price is generally W10,000. If you'd like to go a more gentle route, ask for just a massage. Prices vary, depending on the type and length of the massage, but start at W10,000.