Built at the foot of the Baekyang Mountains by the monks of the Chongdae Order, this temple is relatively new (built 1982-2001). Worth a visit just for the view of the city or the spectacular sunrise, it is a place for praying to Avalokitesvara (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy). Although the temple's construction is recent, its designs still follow the Buddhist traditions. Other than the main Buddha hall, the guardians' platform, which houses the four treasures of Buddhist ritual (the bell, drum, wooden fish gong, and cloud-patterned gong), is a colorful sight to behold. Buddhists believe that ringing the temple bell helps living things to attain oneness with the Buddha and be freed from earthly desires. The sound of the drum, the gong, and the fish carry the sound of truth to all things on earth, the sea, and the sky. The nine-level DaeBo Tahp (pagoda), built for world peace and the reunification of the two Koreas, with its eight sides carved with 53 Buddhas, is also worth a look