Cheap digs are hard to come by in pricey Cabo San Lucas, but the local family running this 1955 brothel-turned-hotel manages to keep rates low while providing the kind of friendly, pleasant surroundings normally found at budget hotels in Mexico's interior. Color makes a big difference there's nothing like lively cobalt, tangerine, and sunflower walls with murals and stencils to pick up your mood, even if you're sleeping on a thin mattress. There are plenty of options for sharing with a group you can fit up to six persons in some rooms, which are lined with twin beds. Granted, the lightweight curtains don't offer much privacy, but the showers offer plenty of hot water (unless everyone's bathing at the same time). Purified water is readily available, and shared facilities include a freezer for your sport-fishing catch and bookshelves loaded with used paperbacks. Guests gather on the rooftop deck, share a communal kitchen, and cool off in the small pool. Cabo's most popular bars are within easy walking distance, which is great if you want to party, but could be disturbing to those who want peace and quiet at night.