If you're a fan of delicious, inexpensive street tacos and happen to like the Beatles as well, you'll love this tiny taquería beloved for its owner's quirky character and his delicious cooking. As his nickname suggests, Gordo (his real name is Javier) is a hefty man with a great laugh. His tacos are the real deal—tender marinated carne asada (you can tell by the unique flavor that Gordo uses homemade marinades), ocean-fresh sauteed shrimp, pineapple-tinged pastor—served with sliced avocado and  several types of salsas  and other condiments. But the food, and cheap beer, aren't the only attractions. Ask for a song and Gordo will burst into just about any Beatles or Sinatra favorite. The somewhat shabby conditions might be intimidating, but fear not. Sanitary conditions are good, with the cooks using purified water and covering every plate with a plastic liner.