The pork roasting pastor-style on a spit beneath the brick archway atthe entrance is a sign of great things to come at Las Guacamayas. Lovers of down-home Mexican cooking study the menu with glee, finding ingredients like huitlacoche (a black corn fungus), and nopales (cactus pads) and tasty snacks such as sopes and gorditas. For me, a standout is the molcajete , a stone bowl filled with grilled green onions, cheese, and cactus pads, and beef, pork, or chicken. Add a bowl of soupy charro beans and some fresh corn tortillas and I'm swooning. Tacos with pastor, grilled meat, chorizo, and other ingredients are so inexpensive you can taste several before running out of pesos. The place stays open late: You can join the post-midnight crowd in the large, noisy dining room for after-party refueling.