Owner Angel Carbajal started making sushi with fish he caught each day, but his empire of three restaurants has now grown too large for such personal touch. Even so, Nick-San still serves impeccably fresh, imaginative concoctions with tuna, wahoo, octopus, eel and whatever species arrives fresh daily. Though it's easy to stick to the sushi and sashimi, particularly the sashimi with a delicate cilantro sauce and hot chili oil, the entrees deserve attention. Try the pan-fried spicy fish, tuna tostada on a crisp rice cracker, and spicy soft-shelled crab.The original rather plain Cabo restaurant is always packed with loyal followers; try to get a spot at the sushi bar at night to watch as multiple chefs create their irresistible delicacies. No reservations for the sushi bar, but you can and should reserve a table in the dining area.