Romance is assured as you watch the sun set behind Cabo's landmark rock arch from a table perched on a hillside rock ledge over the sea. The restaurant faces east so you don't get the sun's full show, but the golden and rose tints of the darkening sky are the perfect backdrop as you sample a platter of crisp seafood and vegetables,  gazpacho with crab and salmon, pasta with smoked mozzarella, or lamb cooked tableside on a sizzling volcanic rock. It's not all about the show, however. 

Chef Paolo della corte combines Italian, Mediterranean, and Mexican recipes and techniques, resulting in the exceptional flavor sensations of spinach flan and Champagne granite. The chef's tasting menu is the ultimate dining experience. Courses change nightly and might include ravioli with American sturgeon caviar (or beluga for a hefty added fee), risotto with quail and foie gras, or lamb shank confit. The experienced waiters can recommend wines in several price ranges. Reserve a table sitting by itself above the sea for the quintessential romantic evening. If the menu's too pricey, check out the second-story Sunset Point Wine and Pizza Lounge in a separate building overlooking the water.