Brothers Linc and Brandon Walker will take you on the walk of a lifetime, on the beach opposite their parents’ house. This is the traditional fishing ground of the Kubirri Warra people, when the mudflats and mangroves are exposed at low tide and the place where you will spend 2 hours learning to throw a spear, hunt and stalk, and use coastal resources wisely. If you are lucky, you may spear a crab (not so lucky for the crab!), and when enough has been foraged to make a small meal, you’ll take it back to the house where Linc and Brandon’s mother will cook it up for you to eat on the veranda. The brothers also run a night tour, for a maximum of three people. It’s an authentic and unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to take insect repellent (just in case), especially for the night tour, and wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet (bare feet are best!).