Things to See in Cairo

The question of how the ancient Egyptians, without any of the powerful modern building equipment that we've taken for granted for several centuries, managed to build some of the biggest, most enduring, and perfectly engineered structures ever, is a to...  Read more >

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Al Azhar Mosque Religious Site
Bab Zuweila Historic Site
Beit al Umma Historic Site
Ben Ezra Synagogue Religious Site
Cairo Opera House The Performing Arts
Cairo Tower Landmark
Church of St. George Religious Site
Dahshur (the Bent Pyramid) & the North Pyramid Landmark
Faluca Ride Tour
Fortress of Babylon Historic Site
Hanging Church Religious Site
Madrasa of Sultan Hassan & the Mosque of Al Rifai Religious Site
Manial Palace Landmark
Memphis Historic Site
Mosque of Ibn Tulun Religious Site
Nilometer Landmark
Saqqara Cemetery
The Blue Mosque Religious Site
The Citadel Historic Site
The Pyramids Landmark
Tunis Pottery Neighborhood
Wadi Natrun Neighborhood
Wadi Rayan Natural Attraction
Waterwheels Landmark
Wikalat al Ghuriya Historic Site