The owners of Cancun's original eco-friendly hotel (opened in 1983), Eduardo Rodriguez and Araceli Dominguez, live on-site, overseeing a humming machine that employs solar collectors, a rooftop rainwater recovery system, composting toilets, and laundry-water recycling. These efforts ensure as gentle an impact on the environment as possible. The owners ask guests to separate waste into bins for recyclable and compostable material, which dispatches 75 to 85 percent of the garbage. All that compost nurtures a luxuriant garden around a small pool, with hammocks and wrought-iron tables and chairs tucked into the foliage, turning the modest hotel into a tropical oasis. The large, sunny rooms, all with kitchenettes and either one king or two full-size beds, are simple but cheerful, their white walls enlivened by splashes of orange, blue, or other colors. Thanks to continuous renovation, some rooms feel quite modern, while others seem a bit dated; by mid-2014 all rooms had been moved up to HDTV. Rates include a standard breakfast (pancakes, pan Francais, cereal with yogurt and fruit, or sincronizadas—eggs with ham and cheese) in the garden palapa, with more extensive choices available for an extra charge.