The spectacular shows at Cancun’s hottest (and most expensive) dance club are legendary, but nothing will prepare you for your first time. Equal parts disco, Vegas revue, and Cirque du Soleil, it holds thousands of revelers on vertiginous tiers of bleachers. With no defined dance floor, you dance anywhere you can—on tables, on the bar, and sometimes on the stage, as performers impersonate pop culture icons and blend seamlessly into the film clips and music videos projected on huge screens, trapeze artists gyrate overhead, juggling little people wind through the seats, and bursts of confetti rain down upon you. Music runs the gamut, from Caribbean and salsa to 20th-century classics and techno. As in most clubs in the party zone, the crowd is young and energetic, but there’s usually a respectable contingent of Baby Boomers. The cover charge is steep (go early in the week for lower prices), but for an all-night open bar and the equivalent of a four-hour Broadway show, it’s reasonable. Doors open at 10pm for 10:30pm shows.

-Christine Delsol