This trendy restaurant on the lagoon borrows pointy archways and intricate tile work from Indian palace architecture to create an exotic setting for its fresh, tasty cuisine. Tables on stilted platforms right over the water afford views of the occasional ray or crocodile (at a safe distance) during the day and splendid sunsets in the evening. The chef, a native of northern India, manages two tandoori ovens in the open kitchens, producing rich dishes such as chicken marinated in spices and yogurt, and spicy shrimp curry with coconut. Potatoes in a tomato and cashew sauce is one among an impressive (and rare for Cancun) selection of flavorful vegetarian dishes. Though less expensive than Thai (above), its sister restaurant next door, prices do seem a bit high for the portion sizes, but the food is so flavorful that it’s hard to complain. The bar offers more than two dozen types of exotic martinis, and a DJ is on duty on weekends.

-Christine Delsol