This is Cancun’s oldest restaurant, in business since 1979, and the crowds haven’t thinned out yet. The romantic view of twnkly lights reflecting off the water from the adjacent dock has a lot to do with that, but ultimately it comes down to stellar seafood, and lobster in particular. The huge crustaceans you pluck from a big tank in the lagoon come from the restaurant’s own lobster farm, and they prepare lobster broiled, grilled, with colantro cauce or chile pepper vinaigrette, or any of 20 other ways. Of course there’s also shrimp, fish,  and combitations—La Popa, crepes stuffed with lobster and shrimp au gratin, is a decadent starter, and true seafood aficionados should try El Temporal, a rice tumbada (“tumbled”) dish with calamari, shrimp, scallops, mussels, fish, clam and crab meat. There are even a few beef and chicken dihes. Finish with an outrageous, oozing chocolate volcano cake, and if you can still walk, consider a tasting in the larege walk-in  wine cellar featuring hundreds of labels from more than a dozen countries.