This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it place is a delightful, and delightfully low-priced, antidote to the Hotel Zone’s hotel buffets and chain restaurants. A shrine to lucha libre with colorful retro furnishings, sculptures of the Virgin Mary, and plastic roses, it has just four tables on a patio adorned with Christmas lights throughout the year, plus a few booths inside. But it’s everything a fish taco aficionado could wish for. Go with an open mind—one of the best dishes is a savory fish filling inside a taco shell made of fried shredded cheese. Some have pineapple in the filling, and the classic shrimp tacos come with seven sauces, including a strawberry jalapeño salsa. Chicken and beef tacos are available, too, and they do excellent cazuelas (spicy, slow-cooked seafood casseroles). Their tamarind margaritas are an unexpectedly perfect accompaniment.