Neighbourgoods Market spawned a revolution when it launched, revitalizing Woodstock, once a written-off, near-forgotten part of the city. Lodged in The Old Biscuit Mill, a Victorian-era factory, today the jam-packed market is one of Cape Town's hallowed Saturday institutions, luring everyone from the hippest hipsters to the wide-hipped and well-heeled, all looking to tuck into the delicious grub that's on offer. This is a sparkling affair, with over 100 vendors plying an unimaginable array of edible goods, many of them consciously geared towards pickier gourmands. Saturday market aside, the rest of the Biscuit Mill complex is a fascinating all-week place to shop. There are stores proffering unique artisanal creations, like the gorgeous ceramics at Imiso, the zany artworks at Quirky Me (lots of really cute souvenirs to be bagged here), the delicious preserved and pickled goods at Oded's Kitchen, and even a niche photography shop for lomography fans. Take a break with a studiously roasted coffee from Espressolab, then see if you can get a spot at The Test Kitchen—by many accounts, Cape Town's best restaurant—or its lighter-on-the-wallet sister establishment, The Pot Luck Club, which features awesome all-around views from above the complex. Don't neglect the shops adjacent and across the road—there are a few gems lurking, especially for those whose taste includes the offbeat and alternative.