This is by far the most exciting attraction at the Waterfront itself. From the brightly hued fish found on coral reefs to exhilarating encounters with ragged tooth sharks, more than 3,000 live specimens are literally inches from your nose. Besides the Indian and Atlantic underwater tanks displaying the bizarre and beautiful, there are a number of well-simulated environments, including tidal pools, a river ecosystem, and the magnificent Kelp Forest tank. The walk through the aquarium (30-90 min., depending on how long you linger) ends with an awesome display on deep-sea predators. There are child-height window benches throughout and a "touch pool" where kids can touch kelp, shells, and anemones. On weekends, kids are entertained in the Alpha Activity center with face painting and puppet shows. Predators are fed at 3pm daily (the sharks on Sun), but if you have a diving license, you won't want to mss the chance to jump in the tank and swim with the shark -- no cage, no need to fear, as the raggies are considered nonaggressive creatures (although you might not think so, judging by the bite marks on some of the smaller fish).