Don your chicest sunglasses here, you'll need them to fend off the golden rays shimmering off the Atlantic. At Ellerman House, the ocean is ever-present, a liquid canvas that spreads out beneath this breathtakingly positioned A-class hotel. Besides dazzling views, this Edwardian-era boutique has every conceivable luxury and convenience, with 11 svelte bedrooms—the best have private balconies, with two slightly more affordable "spa" rooms that share a terrace—plus a pair of extraordinary suites. Service is impeccably personal, with hands-on attention whenever you need it; you are entitled to transfers to anywhere in the city within a 15km radius of the hotel. Vintage furniture and antiques are seamlessly balanced with more contemporary elements, and the whole suggests something so effortless and comfortable that you'll feel instantly at home, despite the unmitigated opulence. An on-site art gallery—built into the rock beneath the garden—boasts one of the finest collections on the continent.