On virtually any given night, the upper stretch of Long Street is laced with pubs, bars, and other places to lose yourself in a sweaty mob. The choice is relentless in its diversity, and can also feel overwhelming, particularly since there are quite a few dogs with zero personality in the mix, flogging cheap drink specials. Fiction, though, is mindful of the quality of electronic music it serves up to the grateful crowd that squeezes onto its matchbox-sized dance floor. Keen purveyors of more "intelligent" genres of dance music, Fiction's lineups frequently include minimal techno duo Bruno Morphet and Ivan Turanjanin (aka Killer Robot), but just as stealthily unleash Niskerone, the city's finest curator (and spinner) of drum 'n' bass. Plus there are always high-level one-off events to make light work of a sweaty dance session. When the pace gets too heady, there's a balcony overlooking the hordes on the sidewalk.