The very best time to hit this township shis nyama (literally "burn meat") joint is on a Sunday afternoon, since this is when you're most likely to see a broad cross-section of real Capetonians (along with tourists). Mzoli's provides the opportunity to sample a side of South African life rarely glimpsed in Cape Town's center. This famous (and very popular) gathering spot may look a touch rough around the gills, but even kitchen celebrity Jamie Oliver has given it the thumbs up. Besides, Mzoli's offers insight into a kind of socializing that you won't experience back home. Order flame-grilled meat from the butchery (it's served in enamel bowls, but without cutlery, so you're expected to bring your own or eat with your hands, the latter being the more authentic approach) and then sink cheap quarts from the shebeen. (You can also bring your own booze.) Grab a table (sharing is fine) and make efforts to mingle and chat. Although the deafening soundtrack can make proper conversation impossible, this may be a chance to pick up a few iconic South African dance moves. Note that self-drive is inadvisable. Most non-residents visiting Mzoli's do so as part of a tour (there are many so-called township tours that include this as part of the itinerary). Ask your hotel for a recommended tour company that will bring you here and return you when you're done. It's also perfectly feasible to hire a taxi for the outing.