Done up as a bit of a tribute to Victorian times, Orphanage Cocktail Emporium does brain-zapping mixed drinks that keep to the theme. Shoot an Artful Dodger (tequila, elderflower, and grapefruit), but beware Raines Law (citrus-infused and pear-flavored vodkas with assorted fruit purées to take the edge off, finished with strawberry lime foam), aka "The Panty Dropper" (read: potent). The presentations are a riot of tongue-in-cheek sophistication: Bloody Marys are served in Warhol-inspired tomato cans, while the signature cocktail "More Tea Vicar?" (vanilla-infused Finlandia vodka with rooibos syrup, cranberry, lemon juice, and fresh mint) comes in a dainty teacup (and 25 percent of what you pay goes straight to St. Francis Children's Home, founded in 1919 and responsible for around 50 homeless boys). If you're a teetotaler, you'll find even the virgin cocktails will put hair on your chest (Innocent Orphan Annie is a triumph—passionfruit, apple, and rose marmalade mixed with ginger beer). Premium spirits are also available by the bottle. Elegant snacks (mezzo platters, cheese boards, charcuterie) and decent light meals (such as trios of miniature lamb buns layered with avocado, brie, bacon, and yogurt, or fish cakes laced with chili and sesame seeds) are served until midnight. Orphanage is popular with Capetonians across the board, including hipsters and the after-work crowds.