From the outside, this diner-size restaurant on hip Bree Street looks a bit like it belongs in a one-horse town in the middle of nowhere. Step inside, though, and Clarke's is percolating with life and evidence of a contemporary design ethos that's become "the look" for Cape Town's next generation of socializers: casual, irreverent, and creatively revamped. Tiny potted plants are lined up on shelves against the walls and windows, lampless light bulbs dangle ornamentally, and there's a constant stream of weirdly attractive people. Who knew models ate fried food? Whatever the crowd, guests come here for seriously tasty, hangover-blitzing food. All-day breakfasts go until ingredients run out, burgers are sensational, salads so-so, and the fries, served with aioli, are a meal in themselves. The breakfast of choice has to be hash browns, diced with asparagus, poached eggs, and cauliflower (haddock is optional). For dessert, the artisanal, locally produced ice cream (in fantastic flavors like peanut butter or cardamom) is a must-try. Incidentally, if you're looking for a smoking-hot place for after hours, this is a choice venue for stiff drinks and a rowdy, energetic crowd.