With his unmistakeable grin, Tokyo-born Papa San (Hatsushiro Muraoka) is the near-cult personality behind Takumi, one of the best sushi restaurants in Cape Town, and certainly one of the better values. Exposed brick and Zen-straight lines form an orderly backdrop for the straight-talking waitstaff, who are well versed in the menu and incredibly helpful with recommendations. Takumi showcases Papa San's ultra-fresh, rather addictive, and often somewhat experimental sushi, served in robust portions. The wasabi-topped tuna and avocado Crying Roll is a favorite, as are crunchy Dynamite Rolls, with morsels of tempura prawn, and the Kamikaze (seared salmon with cream cheese, spicy chili, and sweet chili sauce). House specials also include chirashizushi, a bowl of rice garnished with assorted sashimi, interesting tofu dishes (such as Hiyayakko, cold tofu dipped in shoyu soup and finished with bonito flakes and ginger), and Japanese noodles with soft-shell crab. Desserts include pumpkin ice cream, green tea tiramisu, and rather tricky raspberry and banana California rolls (with wasabi, of course). Looking and feeling every inch the low-key, contemporary Japanese eating house, Takumi has a fairly huge Cape Town following, so be sure to call ahead to book a table. Note: No children under 10.