Capri’s second town, perched on heights surrounded by vineyards, is a pleasant place where, once away from the main square, island life transpires independently of visitors. The Church of San Michele is delightfully colorful, made so by a majolica floor picturing Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden, accompanied by a unicorn, a goat, and other unlikely creatures. (admission 2€; Apr–Oct daily 9am–7pm, Nov–Mar 10am–2pm; closed the first 2 weeks of Dec). Villa San Michele was the home of Swedish doctor and writer Axel Munthe, who built this house in the 19th century on the ruins of one of Tiberius’s villas. The gardens are lovely, with peaceful, flower-lined paths that lead to a view-providing terrace (; [tel] 081-8371401; admission 6€; Jan–Feb 9am–3:30pm, Mar 9am–4:30pm, Apr 9am–5pm, May–Sept 9am–6pm, Oct 9am–5pm, Nov–Dec 9am–3:30pm). The chairlift Seggiovia Monte Solaro ([tel] 081-8371428) departs from Via Caposcuro and whisks you to the top of Monte Solaro, Capri’s highest peak, in 12 minutes. Tickets cost 7€ one-way, 9€ round-trip, free for children 8 and under; hours of operation are March through October 9:30am to 4.30pm.