Not a place for sensitive souls, the Bazurto market is a psychedelic maelstrom that is guaranteed to bombard your senses. A far cry from the old town’s manicured, colonial grandeur, it’s a fascinating excursion into Cartagena’s unsanitized local rituals. Dirty, seedy, cacophonous, and sometimes shocking in a visceral kind of way, locals flock here to buy everything from knock-off brand clothing to super-fresh fish, ripe to burst produce, and even traditional crafts. Amid butchers wielding their cleavers with abandon, crates are loaded with exotic fruits you won’t see in the supermarket, and gory pigs’ heads are stacked on tables. You might see Cartagena’s star chefs plan their evening menus as they survey 25-pound tuna fish and live lobsters displayed on makeshift tables; what generally ends up on Cartagena’s top restaurant menus is sourced here. If you venture here, be sure to be extremely mindful of petty thieves and pickpockets.