If your decorative tastes sway more toward the Republican epoch than the colonial, then Casa La Fe (part of the Kali boutique hotel brand) provides a fine riff on the period’s Belle Epoque. Tiled stairways and floors, stately wooden furniture, brass lamps, gilded picture frames, and bold red arabesques swirled across crisp white linens add style and substance to this faithfully restored 19th-century building. Standard rooms are grouped around the interior courtyard, while rooms with balconies overlook Plaza Fernandez de Madrid. The pomp and sobriety of the living spaces—think niches with winged cupids and religious iconography—give way to a vibrant interior courtyard (where breakfast is served daily) with its untamed foliage, and a rooftop terrace painted in broad strokes of primary colors that add energy to the terrace with plunge pool.