In the 300-year-old Fuerte de San Sabastián Pastelillo, the Club de Pesca, one of the most exclusive and romantic dining options in town, overlooks Cartagena's marina. In fact, this is the only restaurant in town where you can arrive by land or by sea. The restaurant offers delicious Caribbean-inspired dishes, all with a contemporary touch. Start with the langostinos portobello, prawns marinated in orange and maracuyá juices and served with grilled portobello mushrooms. As your main dish, try los mariscos a la Cartagenera (Cartagena-style seafood) for an excellent sampling of different Cartagena dishes, including ceviche, shrimp cocktail, coconut rice, and fried plantains. The restaurant also offers an excellent variety of international wines and, for those feeling decadent, a cigar menu. Live music is on Thursday to Saturday, featuring mostly bossa nova, jazz, and flamenco.