For an extravagant lunch, this intimate restaurant—there are just seven tables—in San Diego serves meticulously curated seafood dishes that speak to the artisanal tendencies and wildly creative flair of Oscar Colmenares, a chef of outstanding pedigree. Colmenares is an alum of the multi-Michelin-starred Martín Berasategui restaurant in Spain and Astrid & Gaston in Bogotá. Super-fresh octopus, squid, shrimp, snapper, and conch are marinated in tamarind, coconut milk, or suero costeño (a kind of cream cheese) to produce an inimitable repertoire of ceviche that strike either a purist, exotic, or decadent note. More robust, but equally delectable, counterpoints include the crab empanadas, grilled octopus, and grilled catch of the day with coconut rice.