Casa's seaside suburb runs along the Atlantic coastline west of the city center, with a long beachside promenade called the Corniche flanked by bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. The beach itself isn't so fantastic, especially if you've already been farther south, but a walk along the 3km (1 3/4-mile) beachfront boulevard de la Corniche is highly recommended. Here you'll see Casablanca in all its contrasting beauty, where locals dressed in the latest European fashions walk past others dressed in traditional jellabah and babouches. It's an understandably popular stretch for families, who bring their children here to escape the confines of the heaving city's inner suburbs. Dotted along the beach are the city's beach clubs; they all usually offer a swimming pool or two, private sunbathing areas, and perhaps a basketball, tennis, or volleyball court. Sometimes you can feel on show, as the masses on the Corniche above look down upon you. Entrance can be as much as 100dh adults and 35dh kids up to 12, but it's worth checking a few clubs out before choosing. The largest is Miami Plage (tel. 0522/797133), while Tahiti Beach (tel. 0522/783472 or 0522/798427) is also popular. They usually open daily from 9am to 7:30pm, but often operate shorter hours or close up altogether from November to March. There are plenty of cafes along the strip, as well as gelateries selling ice cream in large waffle cones. For those missing Western comfort food, there's also a very popular McDonald's on the beach side of the road.