One of Castine’s more intriguing attractions is this appealing and quirky anthropological museum constructed in 1921 to display the collections of John Howard Wilson, an archaeologist and collector of prehistoric artifacts from around the globe. His gleanings are neatly arranged in a staid, classical arrangement of the sort that proliferated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Next door, but open only 2 afternoons a week and only in summer, the affiliated John Perkins House is Castine’s oldest home. It was occupied by the British during the Revolution and the War of 1812; a guided tour features demonstrations of old-fashioned cooking techniques. Two additional attractions in the Wilson-Perkins complex (it’s almost like a little historical campus, really) include a cool blacksmith shop and the Hearse House (where sleighlike wooden hearses of old were made, and are now archived). Both are free to tour and worth a quick look; just remember, both buildings have the same limited hours—2 days a week in summer, for 3 hours each—as the Perkins House does.