Below are some good Internet sources for each country, along with the recommendations on sites that cover the region in general. Each section of this guide has more country-specific websites.

Country-Specific Sites

  • This is an excellent site about Belize geared toward budget travelers, with extensive links and comprehensive information.
  • This is the official site of the Belize Tourist Board. It has its fair share of information and links, although you'll probably end up being directed to other sites.
  • This is an excellent Guatemalan-based English-language monthly magazine geared toward tourists and expatriates. The entire magazine, as well as past issues, is available online.
  • A slightly irreverent English-language magazine produced in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and directed at the town's large population of foreign-language students, this site has honest reviews and a wealth of useful information.
  • This great English-language website groups information about El Salvador's attractions into the headings of nature/adventure/culture/and the beach. The site also provides a country map outlining El Salvador's 14 departments with demographic information for each.
  • This is the official site of the Honduras Tourist Board. It has a variety of roundup articles that are good for planning, and lists a decent range of basic information on the major towns, attractions, and national parks in the country.
  • and The Nicaragua Tourist Board, or NTB, has two sites that are entirely in Spanish, with very limited information but some gorgeous imagery.
  • This independent site about Nicaragua is much more informative than other sites and has data in English on the country, as well as some nifty features such as distance calculators and wildlife lists with photos.
  • The English-language Tico Times makes it easy for norteamericanos (and other English speakers) to see what's happening in Costa Rica. It features the top story from its weekly print edition, as well as a daily update of news briefs, a business article, regional news, a fishing column, and travel reviews. There's also a link to current currency-exchange rates.
  • This excellent website provides hotel, restaurant, and attraction information, as well as information on retiring, living, and doing business in Panama.
  • The Panamanian Institute of Tourism regularly updates this website, which provides culture, history, and destination-specific information.

Central American Sites

  • This is a search engine specializing in Central America, providing information, resource links, and other websites.
  • An independent website promoting better awareness of Central America, especially regarding human rights.
  • This site deals with ecotourism and has some excellent content regarding Central America, including a directory of ecofriendly hotels and travel agencies.
  • The British broadcaster has an excellent world service section that covers in detail past and current affairs in the Americas.
  • The library of Congress has detailed profiles of each country, including history and culture.
  • The Organization of American States is about the closest you will get to unity in the region. This site is not just for political animals but worth visiting for updates on ongoing issues and up-and-coming cultural events throughout the region.
  • The Latin America Network Information Center is a University of Texas initiative that provides an extensive directory and database. Primarily used for academic research, it also facilitates education programs.
  • A small independent website that gives good listings for hotels and travel agents all over Central America, including contact information.
  • This site houses a vast collection of information about Central America, and is hands-down the best one-stop shop for browsing, with helpful links to a diverse range of tourism and general information sites.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.