Changnyeong is a small town in a county of the same name with a rich history, located between Daegu and Masan.

A few hundred meters to the north of the town center is a group of ancient mounds from the Gaya Period, which are similar to the ones in Goryeong (northwest of here). Across the road from the tombs is the Changnyeong Museum (tel. 055/530-2246), with an entrance fee of W500 for adults, W440 for children. On-site is a life-size replica of one of the tombs so that you can see what it looks like on the inside.

One of the oldest relics in town is a stone tablet from the 500s, marking the boundary of the town after Shilla King Jinheung defeated the Dae Gaya Kingdom. Although it's not much to look at now, it is one of the oldest written tablets on the peninsula.