This is an unusual hotel -- one designed expressly for mature singles. That "mature" is my characterization. The hotel's literature states that most guests are in their 30s to 50s, with others as young as 25 and others up to 70. But this is not a hotel for "swinging singles": if you are looking for all-night carousing, go over to Mallia or Chersonnisos. The Mistral is for the independent single traveler who has come to Crete to enjoy its special features. There are many excursions offered; bicycles for rent; early breakfast and packed lunches for those setting out on their own. Meanwhile the hotel offers all manner of in-house facilities and activities -- such as classes in tai chi, watercolor, dance, cooking, and photography. The beach is about a 3-minute walk away; frequent buses take you to Chania. You can sit and read in the garden where much of their organic produce is grown to be used in their meals. There's still more -- check out their website.