The city's most popular attraction proves that any subject, when approached in a creative and intelligent fashion, can be made interesting. Of course, the place is catnip for NASCAR fans. But even those with no previous interest in the sport (full disclosure: that would be me) will find this combination shrine/museum compelling. Part of that has to do with the life-and-death nature of the sport. NASCAR crashes are no joke, and the museum goes deeply into the safety innovations that have been added over the years to keep drivers alive. Also fascinating is the history of NASCAR, which was started by moonshiners who souped up their vehicles to outrace police and eventually became more enamored of speed than of hooch. And you gotta love the simulator rides, which are as heart-pumping as any you’d find at a Six Flags. Of course, some exhibits will go over the heads of a non-fan (I had no interest in feeling the asphalt surfaces cut from race courses across the US). But overall, exploring this Hall of Fame will pay off.  I promise.