This mosque sits alone and ruined on a hill overlooking Chefchaouen to the east and is a pleasant morning's hike from the medina. The trail begins from Bab al Ansar, the medina's eastern gate, and passes the Ras el'Ma river, where you'll often find the local Riffian women going about their daily laundry chores. The trail then meanders past fences of prickly pear and agave cacti up to the ruin. This is one of the main paths coming into Chefchaouen from the villages higher up, and there's usually a nice trickle of locals and their livestock walking by. The mosque was built by the Spanish for the local population, but it never gained favor and was simply abandoned and fell into disrepair. It's still standing, however, and gives you some idea of the interior of a mosque. The hilltop view is essentially what you come up here for, and on a clear day the limestone peaks of the Rif range seem shiny white against the green fields and blue sky. It's a slow 45-minute walk one-way.