This once-in-a-lifetime stay regularly makes media roundups of best resorts in the world—and for good reason. If you want to imagine that you're a 19th-century explorer in the wilds of Asia, but with all modern comforts, here's the place to indulge yourself. To call them "tents" does not do justice to these palatial lodgings set on a hillside above the Golden Triangle. This resort is all-inclusive, so the high rates include everything, from fantastic gourmet meals to spa treatments, and boat trips on the river to mahout training classes at the elephant camp that it shares with the Anantara . The all-inclusive nature of the place also means there's a minimum stay of 2 nights. The huge tents, all enjoying total privacy, have large balconies, huge soft beds, and period furnishings such as brass bathtubs and ancient telephones. It's enough to make you want to settle down at the desk at sunset and record the day's events in your journal for posterity.